Tutorials CGI/PHP

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Absolute Path
Do you have scripts you need to install that ask for your absolute path to certain directories, then this is what you need to read.

Ask and Answer
Ask and Answer is a php based script. People will ask you questions and it will go into a database, very nifty script to have and use on your website.

B2 Basic Installation
Simple basic installation of B2 weblog script. This script runs on MySQL Database and is PHP. So you should be hosted to install this script or have someone host it for you if you don't have PHP access.

B2 Customizing
This would be the 2nd part to B2, with this tutorial you will be able to easy change the appearance of your blog so it's not set to the boring default one.

B2 Customize Comments
This tutorial will show you how to simple change the appearance of your comments template for B2, from the dreary looking blah one to a nice neat one. This is a premade template.

B2 Popup Comments Resize
This will show you how to change the size of your B2 comment pop ups, to what you like. Fast and simple to do.

B2 Archives Hack
This is a great little alternative to the blah boring looking b2 archives, check out the demo.

B2 Customized Scrollbars
This tutorial will show you how to customize your scrollbar for your already existing B2.

B2 Clickable Smilies
This tutorial will show you how to make your smilies clickable in your comments, check out the demo to see what I mean.

B2 No Pop Up Comments
This tutorial will show you how to make convert your pop up comments to regular comments.

Browser Info
This tutorial will allow you to put a code on a page and show the visitor thier browser information, pretty nifty.

Cam Portal
So you want a cam portal, but don't know how to install one. Use this tutorial to teach you how to install the nportal script to your site.

CGI Counter
Need a CGI Counter to count your visitors, use this tutorial, you MUST have CGI Access. I use it, its at the lower left hand side of the page

CGI Online
This is a CGI Online User script, you must have CGI access to use it, it's much like the counter at the bottom left side of the page.

CGI No Right Click
Yes a CGI Script for no right clicking, keep those nosey people away from your precious coding, use this code, no installation needed.

Email Form (PHP)
Use this easy to install php email form for your websites, its the exact form that I use.

Greymatter 1.21d
This is a relatively easy script to install, like all CGI scripts you must have CGI access, its a great weblog script.

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