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3 Column Layout
Always wanted those 3 Column Tables you see everywhere? This will show you how to set that up.

Absolute Positioning
With this code you can position things anywhere on a page you would like.

Add To Favorites
Add a link so your visitors can add your site to thier favorites.

Aim Link
Add a link so people can IM you with Aol Instant Messenger right from your website.

Alt Codes
This tutorial is very useful if your looking for alt codes to put on your site, like my is one of the many alt codes on this tutorial.

Alt Message On Text Link
This is a pretty nifty code to use, it makes a message appear when you hover over a text link.

Anti Spam
Hate for spam bots to collect your email address, use this tutorial to help stop that.

Ask Me Form
Want to put an Ask Me form on your website somewhere, use this tutorial

This is really great to use if you plan on having a lot of items on a page. Check this out.

Background Image
Don't know the code to add a background image, well here is the tutorial.

Bandwidth Calculator
Ever wondered what the the equivalents of one file size to another is, use this calculator.

Ban IP's
Don't like certain people hating on your site, or causing drama, then use this tutorial and ban them from ever coming to your site again.

Banner Killer
Hate those geocities, angelfire, tripod banners, here are some pretty handy banner codes to help with that.

Basic HTML
Need a little help with just some basic html codes, use this tutorial to help you out with that.

Block Direct Linking
Don't you hate when people try to direct link your files on your website, this should come in handy to prevent and/or deter them.

This calendar is purely html, you can add images to represent dates also, check out the demo.

Can't Save Pictures From The Internet As .GIF, .JPG?
Not able to save an image from the internet? This is the tutorial you want to read about that..

Centering Layouts
Want to center your layout, then use this tutorial to show you how.

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