Tutorials Paint Shop Pro 7

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About PSP 7
Some need to know information about Paint Shop Pro 7, and where to go to download it, well then read up.

3D Text Effect
Learn how to make 3D text effects.

Aged Newpaper
Get the Aged Newspaper Effect with this tutorial.

Want to achieve a smooth look to your images, you can with this airbrushing tutorial.

Auto Save
Using the auto save feature is really helpful while working.

PSP Basics
Need to know what each tool does, then you want to look up this tutorial.

Add spiffy looking blinds to your graphics.

Bordered Text 1
This is one way to add a Bordered Text on your font.

Bordered Text 2
This is the second way to add a Bordered Text on your fonts.

Brush Outline
Having your Brush Outline enabled lets you see where your applying your brush.

Checkered Background 1
One way to create a Checkered Background for some cool graphics.

Checkered Background 2
Yet another way to create a groovy checkered background.

Clear Blog/Box
Make clear blog/boxes for your blog and other things.

Colored & Chrome Tubes
Make some Colored and Chrome Tubes.

Colorize Eyes
This is a great tutorial to get rid of red eye when you take picutures, and also to colorize eyes to any color of your choice.

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