Tutorials Paint Shop Pro 8

About PSP 8
Some need to know information about Paint Shop Pro 8, and where to go to download it, well then read up.

Back Lit
This is one of my favorites, get a really smooth looking back light coming from your text or object, check it out.

Bordered Text
Use this tutorial to be able to add a border to any text on your graphics.

Clear Blog/Boxes
Just one more tutorial on how to make a clear box/blog for your layouts, especially on those dark layouts.

How To Crop A Button
Don't know how to make your own button, this tutorial will show you just how to do that, using your own layout.

How To Make Transparent Buttons
Everyone loves those trendy transprent buttons, this tutorial will teach you how to make them, quick and easy.

Image In Water
This is such an amazing and realistic looking reflection in the water, so life like, check this out, a must see.

Line Stretch
Who doesn't like line stretches, this tutorial will teach you just how to do that.

Perspective Text Shadow
This tutorial will show you how to create a Perspective Text Shadow, what is that? Click and find out!

Recording Scripts
Get tired of having to do steps over and over for each project, well script recording to the rescue, its like recording every step you did to make a certain graphic, check this out, a must learn tutorial.

Retro Images
Want to make a regular image int oa retro style colored image? Cool then this is the tutorial you want to read.

Text Image
This will show you how to easily add an image in your text.